57 Irresistible Bridesmaid Gifts

Have you been looking for that unique, personalized, adorable and amazing gift for your bridesmaid.  Here are some great ideas for trendy and stylish bridesmaid gifts.  These will definitely put a smile on their faces!

Bridesmaid Gift: Silver Glitter Holographic Personalized Tumbler

bridesmaid gift_ tumbler


Bridesmaid Gift: Monogrammed Turkish Beach Towels

Monogrammed Turkish Beach Towels,


Bridesmaid Gift: Gold Name Necklace – Personalized

Gold Name Necklace - Personalized


Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Beach Tote

Personalized Beach Tote


Bridesmaid Gift: Travel Jewelry Roll Silk Creamy Organizer 

Travel Jewelry Roll Silk Creamy Organizer


Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized name keychain

Personalized name keychain


Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Acrylic Name Keychain

Personalized Acrylic Name Keychain

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Pajamas



Bridesmaid Gift: Monogrammed Flip Flops

Monogrammed Flip Flops

Bridesmaid Gift: Dainty Custom Name Necklace 

Dainty Custom Name Necklace


Bridesmaid Gift: Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Set

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Set

Bridesmaid Gift: Jewelry Set with Custom Proposal Card

Jewelry custom proposal card


Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Floral Tumblers

Personalized Floral Tumblers

Bridesmaid Gift: Tassel Keychain

Tassel Keychain


Bridesmaid Gift: Monogram Pens 

Monogram Pens

Bridesmaid Gift: Marble Coffee Mug

Marble Coffee Mug

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Luggage Tags

Personalized Luggage Tags

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Floral Gift Bag

Floral Bridesmaid Gift Bag

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Journal

Personalized Journal


Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Compact Mirror

Personalized Mirror

Bridesmaid Gift: Custom Tote Bag with Name

Custom Tote Bag with Name

Bridesmaid Gift: Hair Wreath Floral Crown

Hair Wreath Floral Crown

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Camping Mug 

Personalized Camping Mug

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Sleep Masks

Personalized Sleep Masks

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Acrylic Clutch

Personalized Acrylic Clutch

Bridesmaid Gift: Pom Pom Keychain 

Pom Pom Keychain

Bridesmaid Gift:  Proposal Gift Box

Proposal Gift Box

Bridesmaid Gift: Beach Hat

Beach Ha

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Ring Dish

Personalized Ring Dish

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Print

personalized print

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Phone Charger

Phone Charger

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Jewelry Dish 

Personalized Jewelry Dish

Bridesmaid Gift: Monogram Card Holder

Monogram Card Holder Keychain

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Robe

Personalized Robe

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Flask


Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Passport Holder Set

Personalised Passport Holder Set

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Hair Brush

Personalized Hair Brush

Bridesmaid Gift: Metallic Gold Gift Set

Gift Set

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle

stainless steel, personalized bottle

Bridesmaid Gift: Pashmina Scarf 

Pashmina scarf

Bridesmaid Gift: Rose Gold Tote Bag 

Rose Gold Tote Bag

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Hanger

Personalized Hanger

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Duffle Bag

Personalized Duffle Bag

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Slippers 

Personalised Wedding Slippers

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Monogram Makeup Bag

Personalized Monogram Makeup Bag

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Rose Gold Proposal Gift Box

Personalised Rose Gold Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Bracelet

Personalized Bracele

Bridesmaid Gift: Lace Robe 

Lace Robe

Bridesmaid Gift: Makeup Bag 

Makeup Bag

Bridesmaid Gift: Herringbone Turkish Towel

Herringbone Turkish Towel

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Tumbler with Straw

Personalized Tumbler with Straw

Bridesmaid Gift:  Personalized Robes

Personalized Robes

Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Champagne Flute

personalized champagne flute

Bridesmaid Gift: Shirt


Bridesmaid Gift:  Proposal Box

Proposal Gift

Bridesmaid Gift: Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

tainless steel cup, Wine cup


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