Does Vanilla Cloth collects any personal information?

No. We do not require any of your personal information in order to browse through and purchase any of the products listed on our website.

Do you require my email address?

Yes but only if you are interested in receiving our e-newsletter announcing new products or brands added to our website.

Does Vanilla Cloth handle shipping of the merchandise?

No. From payment processing to shipping of the merchandise is handled by the designer or the merchant whom you are purchasing the item from.  Vanilla Cloth does not handle any of these.

I did not receive my order, what should I do?

Please contact the merchant or the designer whom you the placed the order with.

I want to have my products displayed on your website so how can I get started?

Simply email us and we will walk through the process.

Is there a charge for listing products on your site?

No. There is no charge.

How do you market your website?

We market through mailing postcards, e-newsletters and advertising on certain blogs. We also market through Facebook page and Pinterest.

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